Gubia is my solo music project started in 2006. I recorded a 13 track album called La estampita mística and digitally self-released it in november 16, 2007. limited quantities of handmade cd-rs with original artwork/paintings are for up sale, for $75 USD + shipping. contact me at if you're interested in purchasing. current demos and assorted tracks

Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Gubia : violin, charango, accordion king, castanets, keyboards, vocals, flute/quena/siku, comb percussion, xilophone, plastic harmonica, leatherdrums, bells, rain tube, whistling, tambourine, maracas, mouth piano, toy trumpet, toy electric piano, rattle nuts/seeds, card shuffling, pots&pans bow feedback, field recording&mixing (adobe audition 1.5)

all tracks written and performed by gubia, except track 7 which is a partial cover of the song Naked in the Afternoon by Jandek . drumming sample on track 4 taken from a live rendition of the song 60/40 by Nico - italy, 1985. recording took place sporadically during the span of time between summer of 2006 and 2007; using a pc mic, a handheld cassette voice recorder and a digital canon camera. cover art by maureen gubia. all rights reserved. © 2007.


Polillas gusanas - digital self released September 4, 2013

Composed and recorded in 2006 by Maureen Gubia.
Produced by Drahog in May 2013. Salinas, Ecuador.

cover art by Maureen Gubia.


Marais sucré - digital self released December 25, 2015

Recorded in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2007.
Produced in New Orleans, LA and Pensacola, FL, USA, 2015.
Composed, recorded and produced by Maureen Gubia. 2007-2015.

cover art by Maureen Gubia.

Gubia - Saster Lore

Unreleased tracks (2006-2011)

1. Howdoickingdrag 2:30
2. Abran paso qu 3:00
3. Pacedout Saster 8:26
4. Reconstr 2:16
5. Abran paso 2:51
6. Tartarav Bell 1:16
7. Anisopolia 1:36
8. Sibbnye 1:16
9. Possessdoggieleg 5:16
10. Saster 4:36

Artist:Gubia / Leporian
Type:Album, Collaboration
Released:February 12, 2017
Recorded:February 10, 2017

Leporian: voice, feedback, samples, percussion, cover art, portrait photography.
Gubia:vocals, effects, samples, portrait photography.

six from Philip Kruse on Vimeo.

installation by philip kruse with recorded sounds made by Patrizia Oliva (Madame P) (ITALY), Naofumi Ishimaru (Yximalloo) (JAPAN), Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle) (ENGLAND), Arnau Sala (LES AUS) (SPAIN), Justin borer(U.S.), Maureen Gubia (ECUADOR)


Goshta - Mississippi Debris
digital self released May 26, 2014

Goshta is Drahog/Philip Kruse and Gubia collaborating. Recorded in 2014 by Maureen Gubia.
Produced and mixed by Drahog and Gubia in May 2014. New Orleans, USA

Cover art by Maureen Gubia.

Shrine - Thunder (/w Gubia)
Recorded in 2006.

Ø +yn
- La copa de un árbol sin raíz, CD Album (Mainumby Ediciones, 2009) Córdoba, Argentina.
Gubia- vocals on track 7, Quise ser búho.

Ø +yn
- La canción del ciempiés / Quise ser búho - Single CD-R (Ikuisuus, 2008) Gubia- vocals on track 2, Quise ser búho. Credits here.